Tushar Kumar | Youngest Successful Businessman

A man with "simple living and high thinking" — Chairman & Managing Director of M/s GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt Ltd — Mr.Tushar Kumar.

Mr. Tushar Kumar (Chairman & Managing Director) of GTM Group, Founder of Aaoo Lolita by Shakti Kapoor, Founder of Fitness Phobia by Tarun Dutta, Founder of Food and Entertainment City is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the industry. He has started his journey in year 1999 at the age of 18 and accomplished landmark statures in a short fold of time. He has inspired many young entrepreneurs to live their dreams and establish promising careers.

His inclination towards social causes and his deeds in this sector have made him recognized today as “THE GREAT SON OF INDIA”, which is a prestigious recognition by “All India Conference of Intellectuals” for his outstanding contribution in social causes on 22nd Dec 2013.

He has made a special contribution in the educational sector for Ekal Vidhyalaya Abhiyan for which he was felicitated. We all consider that healthy & educated child is the future of our Country and this future was cherished & encouraged by Mr. Tushar Kumar at Mother’s Pride School where he was invited as the Guest of honor. Nature affects the life of surroundings and as the pioneer of Real estate Sector, he prioritized the latter by continuing development in the Real Estate sector. His attempt was recognized by the following honors: The Great Son Of India Award, Best Developer of Uttarakahand, Youth Icon Of India Award, International Wellness Award and many more.

Rise and Fall" two sides of the same coin !
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